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What is Gifts
of Heaven?

Gifts of Heaven (GOH) is a new initiative of the
General Conference, established to provide information to
church members as to how tithes and offerings are used to support
the ministry of the Church worldwide. As Seventh-day Adventists, we
practice principles of systematic giving—returning to God His tithe and giving
offerings freely, as an act of worship. The Church organization receives these funds to use for the local, regional, and global needs of the Gospel work.

In addition to the receipt and distribution of these resources, as God’s steward, the corporate Church has a spiritual responsibility to give an account of how tithes and offerings are used to develop His mission on earth. In this context, GOH is a communication tool designed to help church members understand how the Church manages God’s financial gifts.

“Church leaders at all levels, particularly here at the General Conference, are making an extra effort to make sure that the financial operations of the church are open. We are making available comprehensive reports to committees and members. We want people to know how we, as a church, are spending the money that they give to the Lord.”

Jan Paulsen,
General Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists

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