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The Gifts of

The Gifts of Heaven package is an
informational tool to be used by divisions,
unions, and conferences to inform their
constituents regarding the use of funds locally.
There are four key components to the GOH package:

1. DVD in three segments (approximately nine
minutes each) on stewardship and financial giving.

a. Heirs of God presents a biblical perspective on
systematic giving that illustrates the return of tithes and
giving of freewill offerings as an act of worship.
b. Friends of God gives an overview of funds coming into the General Conference and uses percentages to illustrate how these funds are distributed for ministry.
c. Partners with God explains the various offering systems used throughout the world Church.

How to use the DVD: The DVD is designed to be shown in church on Sabbath or at any other time that is suitable for the local congregation. It is also an excellent tool to be viewed during Division, Union, or Conference training programs. For the local church, the suggestion is to view one program per Sabbath for three consecutive Sabbaths—beginning with Heirs of God, then Friends of God, and finishing with Partners with God. The stewardship leader/elder/pastor may consider showing the DVD between Sabbath School and Church worship. Watch video segments

2. PowerPoint CD. This resource has an abridged version of the biblical and informational content of the DVD, but also includes a template to incorporate financial data by percentages for the Division, Union, and Conference levels.

How to use the PowerPoint: Unlike the DVD, the PowerPoint CD is first sent to the Division stewardship department. The critical part of the PowerPoint is the template. The Division, Union, and Conference must enter their data, also in percentages, as provided by Treasury. Once the required financial information from each of these levels is added to the PowerPoint template, the Conference sends this resource to local churches with the necessary equipment. The PowerPoint template should be updated annually and shown regularly. In this way, members are kept informed on how the various levels of the organization use Church funds to extend the kingdom of God in their respective territories. Download PowerPoint

3. Additional Resources CD. This CD includes further resources such as posters, templates, testimonies, pictures, and stewardship quotes that the Division, Union, Conference or local church may use to communicate GOH in its respective area of ministry.

How to use the resources: The Resource CD contains additional resources for leaders at all levels of the Church who wish to develop an ongoing communication strategy for sharing financial information with their members. This resource is particularly important for areas of the world where no electronic equipment is available. The data from the PowerPoint presentation may still be shared in printed material such as leaflets, posters, church bulletins, and mission newsletters. Download resources

4. GOH Website. The GOH website (www.giftsofheaven.org) is the one place where interested persons may log in and receive an overview and orientation to the GOH package. This is the site for ordering resources and for asking questions about GOH.